Words of the Principal

Principal Chu Wai Fong
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong established Chinese Y.M.C.A. kindergarten in Tin Yuet Village, Tin Shui Wai in February 2001. In the same year (2000-2001 school year),  Chinese YMCA primary school and Chinese YMCA secondary school also provided educational services for the residents of Tin Shui Wai district.  

2019-20 school year is really a grateful and special year. It is also an opportunity for us to learn and grow. You have many experiences during this period.

On February 2021, all schools in Hong Kong need to suspend classes. We have transformed the above activities into online learning and video teaching. Learning is an unprecedented challenge to make parents understand and master the learning content, support the work of home learning, and hope that there will be no pressure on parents and children…etc.

In recent years, our school has adopted the strategy of “Brain-Based and Thinking-based teaching” to implement various activities in the school. When children are in different situations or find problems, teachers and children will often work together through Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking. Everyone organizes what they have learned and solves problems in a critical thinking way. We believe that this method of learning thinking can cultivate children’s comprehensive grasp of the new things they know, and enhance their thinking ability. To achieve a plan that can make choices and decisions with positive thinking. 

Finally, we hope to live out the love of Jesus Christ with our children, and strive to nurture them to the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlenss, and self-control. To influence life with life. It can strengthen their own beliefs and become a blessing to others.