Morning Garthering

During the morning assembly everyday, children and teachers will do exercises, practice greeting , observe surroundings such as weather and news in order to cultivate their caring and empathy for classmates and the environment . We will let children know Heavenly Father more through Bible stories, singings and prayers so as to nurture children’s positive thinking and  treasure the gratefulness of all existence . Learning to love themselves, their families, school and community. Thus to develop their morality and knowing to respect and help others.

Theme-based learning

Our school’s learning system integrates six major aspects aiming to strengthen interactions and expressions among children. We used “Brain-Based and Thnking-Based Teaching” aspects from Knowing, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Synthesizing, to Evaluating help to develop their cognition ability and creative thinking. More, throughout the activities children can also learn to treat others with positive behaviors such as courtesy, team spirit and mutual respect.

Music and Phyiscal Skill

According to seasonal themes and festivals, our course is diversified into aspects of gaming, story telling, singing, sports and arts performing. These activities increase children’s interest in learning, helping them to maintain physical fitness and enhance better ability to sing and play musical instruments. Encourage children to develop good daily habits and enjoy wonderful music rhymes.

Language learning(English and Putonghua) 

Language is the foundation of all learning, expression and thinking. Our Cantonese-based teaching foundation provides children with the opportunity to discuss and report in groups during the theme time. Children will be inspired to think, analyse and express in order to build their confidence. Our school pay high attention to ​​children’s English and Mandarin learning. Thence we’ll teach children in an interesting context with authentic surroundings making sure that they enjoy their classes and feel comfortable of express themselves fully in English and  Putonghua.

Free Play

Teachers will design a variety of teaching aids and games in accordance with the curriculum’s goals and content. Everyday during playtime, according to children’s  interests and abilities, our courses promote and stimulate multifaceted learning abilities, and to develop individual potential and increase the enjoyment of learning.


In terms of art, we provide children with diverse and interesting activities such as art creation, display and appreciation, to encourage children to express their personal thoughts and feelings. To cultivate children’s creativity and imagination. We attach great importance to creating an environment with a creative and artistic atmosphere. We will showcase the achievements of children’s learning, promote children’s skills and satisfaction in using art, and enhance children’s aesthetic sense and appreciation ability.