K3 Visit Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre

To enhance students’ knowledge and interest in astronomy. Through hands-on experiences with astronomical instruments. Our Students had the opportunity to explore the wonders of the sun, moon, and the vast universe. The aim was to foster their understanding of the interplay between nature and life by encouraging them to discover fascinating aspects of the natural world. 

K3 Visit Firefly Spectacular Fun Day

Students had the opportunity to learn about various precious aquatic insects while having a fun and enjoyable experience. The aim of the visit was to instill in the children a sense of environmental conservation and the importance of cherishing natural resources. The Firefly Pavilion featured a “Day-Night Reversal Room” where children could observe the mesmerizing glow of fireflies up close.
K2 Visit Sunshine Smiles Playland

To learn about the importance of oral hygiene. The excursion aimed to educate the children about maintaining oral health and proper brushing techniques through interactive and engaging games. By exploring the park, the children had the opportunity to understand the significance of oral cleanliness and develop essential knowledge about dental care. Through fun activities, they learned the importance of taking care of their teeth and how to brush them correctly.

26/2/2024 & 29/2/2024
K2 Visit Intangible Cultural Heritage Domain

In this activity, we aim to introduce students to the rich and colorful culture of traditional Chinese teahouses. We will share interesting facts about the history of teahouses and their significance in Chinese society. We will also introduce common types of dim sum, such as siu mai, cheung fun, and char siu bao. The children will participate in a hands-on craft activity where they will learn to make siu mai using simple craft materials.